Forget about the daily use of deodorant

Maximum protection from sweat

Proven efficiency


Up to 7 days

Duration from the first application.

For abundant and normal perspiration

Suitable for people with normal and excessive sweating.


Gives a sense of security and comfort for a long time.


Both men and women may apply.

Cost effectiveness

Able to replace the conventional antiperspirant or deodorant. One bottle is enough for at least 6 months.


Enjoyed by millions of people. Safety proven by clinical studies.


Most popular

7 days action
DRYDRY Classic Roll (SE) - restock in progress. Please wait.
Antiperspirant. Your safe and effective long-lasting anti-sweat remedy!
25.00 EUR / item
7 days action
DRYDRY Classic Dab-on (SE) - restock in progress. Please wait.
Antiperspirant. Your safe and effective long-lasting anti-sweat remedy!
25.00 EUR / item
Especially for teens!
DRYDRY Deo Teen (SE)
Deodorant. Perfumed deodorant for teenagers. Technology by Dr. Straetmans.
21.00 EUR / item
Contains menthol
DRYDRY Foot Spray (SE)
Antiperspirant for the feet. It has a long antimicrobial, cooling and refreshing effect. Eliminates unpleasant odors.
23.00 EUR / item

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is it can eliminate underarm odor forever ? that means, after using few months or few years, i can be free of odor forever without using drydry.


It was a great pleasure to meet you in Latvia! Thank you very much for instruction and time. Highly recommend this store.


More than 10 years of research

About the Company

- What is DRY DRY

This is an innovative invention of Swedish scientists. Possibly, the most effective contemporary anti-perspirant product with lasting effect.

Full comfort for up to 7 days after single use, and in some cases for up to 2 weeks.

Cost-effective – one package is enough for 12 months.

DRY DRY will always help during a conversation and a romantic meeting, while dancing or practicing sports – DRY DRY will always provide good protection. Its advantage is that after a single use the sweat will be totally gone. What is more, the anti-perspirant can be used not only in one area, but in several – underarms, palms, feet.

The result is guaranteed 99,9%!

You know that the image of a positive and successful person consists of many small details. Enjoy life with comfort and pleasure! Give the people around an opportunity to admire you and to love you!

Dance, live, love... And forget about the unpleasant odor of sweat!
We wish you bright impressions, unforgettable moments and, of course, good health!

We offer a new quality of life to you – life with DRY DRY!