• For how long time 1 (one) bottle of DRYDRY Original is enough?
    For each individual there can be a different period. For some it is 7 months whereas some, depending on their consumption habits, can use it for 12 months. We would say 8 - 10 months in average.

  • Can DRYDRY be used in the morning or during the day?
    NO! The anti-perspirant product can damage your clothes. Use DRYDRY according to the guidelines. Use it only in the evening, an hour before going to bed. The secret is in the right usage of the anti-perspirant. Studies conducted by Procter & Gamble Beauty have revealed that using the anti-perspirant in the morning and in the evening or only in the evening is more effective than using it only in the morning. At nighttime, sweat dicharge is minimal and the product penetrates into the pores of the skin and starts working more effectively.

  • I practice sports, go to training daily... Isn’t it unhealthy to detain sweat discharge?
    When practicing sports – sweat discharge is a natural and necessary process needed for normal heat exchange and elimination of slag and toxic substances from body through pores by means of sweat.
    Useing DRYDRY, you do not block all pores in your body, but prevent sweat discharge in certain places. As a result, you receive dryness, convenience and complete confidence in what you do. It is your choice!

  • Feeling of "stitching" after use of the product. What is it?
    The product DRYDRY and its components do not cause any allergic reactions. The feeling of stitching (or other feelings of slight discomfort) can be observed only by people with sensitive skin after three or four times of use. Such an effect can be also felt after applying the product to unclean or wet skin. The product should be applied after shower to dry skin.
    We would also like to draw your attention that it is important that you strictly follow the guidelines of using the Product, and then DRYDRY will make you happy by its effectivity, safety and convenience for long time!

  • Can pregnant or nursing women use the product? Are there any precautions?
    The producer does not provide any advice with regards to this question! Please, see your doctor for consulting on the product DRYDRY. On our behalf, we can tell that some studies have been carried out to check toxicity, and the result was the conclusion on the not-toxicity of the product DRYDRY!
    However, if possible, we would suggest that you refrain from using any products during the wonderful period!

  • If I quit using DRYDRY and start using another deodorant, can sweat discharge become stronger than before using DRYDRY?
    Deodorants only hide the smell by means of different aromas, but do not reduce sweat discharge! 
    If you switch from DRYDRY на дезодоранты, то, конечно, Вы больше не получите привычное с DRYDRY to deodorants, then you, obviously, will not have the former feeling of dryness and convenience.

  • Can DRYDRY cause any oncological diseases?
    Results of the research published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) as of October 16, 2002 completely refute rumors circulating in the Internet that falsely state that using anti-perspirants cause cancer of the lacteal glands. Researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington (both in Seattle, Washington) have conducted a compehensive research with the view of each case of getting disease (analysis of possible causes, history, development). The obtained data allow to conclude: „The results of the research do not confirm the hypothesis that anti-perspirants increase the risk of getting cancer of lacteal glands.” The researchers also state that there is „no evidence” of risk of the development of the disease caused by using deodorants. 
    On our behalf, we would like to add that to make DRYDRY effective, safe and convenient for many years, we would recommend that you make a short break in its use (for instance, according to the scheme „year of use – month of break”).

  • Have there been any side effects observed during using DRYDRY?
    Side effects can appear only as a result of misuse of the product.

  • How effective is DRYDRY for hands and legs?
    The product DRYDRY is designed for treating underarms, hands and feet. It is effective in applying to all of the above, provided that DRYDRY is used according to the guidelines.

  • Are there any precautions against using the product DRYDRY?
    According to the conducted clinic studies, any precautions against using the product have not been established. 
    However, during taking a hot bath, attending sauna or intense sport activities DRYDRY should be applied not less than one hour after such activities.
    On our behalf, we recommend refraining from using the product to:
    - pregnant and nursing women;
    - individuals under 16 years;
    - individuals having high sensitivity to the components of the Product.

  • From what age DRYDRY can be used and can it be used throughout lifetime?
    The producer does not provide a definite answer to this question. In Sweden, this product has been successfully produced and sold for already more than 30 years. This allows to conclude that by the time being, no limitations regarding to the period and frequency of using the product DRYDRY have been established.
    Nevertheless, clinic studies were conducted in 2011 on a group of people from 18 to 65 years. On the basis of the obtained data, we can speak with assurance about using the product DRYDRY starting from the said age!

  • Is there habituation to DRYDRY?
    If habituation takes place and the product no longer works effectively, stop using it for 30 days. After a month, DRYDRY will regain its effect!

  • I feel slight burning (tickle, unpleasant stitching) after applying DRYDRY. What should I do then?s
    Normally strong and lasting feeling of burning appears when the guidelines on using the product are not followed. 
    It has been clinically proved that the product DRYDRY and its components do not cause any allergic reaction. The feeling of stitching or burning (or other kinds of slight discomfort) is normal and in line with the guidelines on the product usage. Such an effect can be observed on people with a sensitive skin (they may want to use Sensitive) or in case of applying the product to wet or unclean skin (failure to comply with the guidelines). 
    In case the feeling of burning does not disappear for a long time, the product should be washed off from the skin and a soothing cream should be applied. The product should be used again not earlier than in 24 hours.

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