Development and Innovations.

We have been operating in the market of perfumery and cosmetic products since 2013, offering a wide range of perfumes and cosmetics under the trademark Dry Dry.

Currently, the Company has the exclusive right of sale in the Baltic States of Dry Dry, the line of perfumes and cosmetic products from the producer. We will quickly and efficiently deliver Dry Dry in the Baltic States, the European Union, America and Worldwide (*detailed list of countries is available in the section “Your Cart”). We are constantly working on improvement of the quality of our products. The entire line of products is always available on our official website.

Our goal was to offer the products that would introduce something light and magical into the life of people, and above all – corresponding to the individual tastes and needs of each customer.

Open for cooperation

Our company is interested in cooperation with both the leaders in the segment of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medicinal cosmetics, and with the regional representatives of wholesale and retail companies.

Proven efficiency

Dry Dry helps hundreds of people to deal with the most difficult problems associated with sweating. The clinical studies on the topic -Study of the Effectiveness and Safety of the Cosmetic Product Dry Dry- were carried out in 2011.

The results of the study showed:

Dry Dry is safe

Non-toxic, the composition does not include harmful substances

Effective for 5-7 days

Non-toxic, the composition does not include harmful substances