7 days action

DRYDRY Classic Dab-on

Antiperspirant. Your safe and effective long-lasting anti-sweat remedy! 35.ml. (Dab-On)
24.00 EUR / item
7 days action

DRYDRY Classic Roll

Antiperspirant. Your safe and effective long-lasting anti-sweat remedy! 35.ml. (Roll-on)
24.00 EUR / item

DRYDRY No Bacteria

Pocket Size. Antibacterial hand spray. Protection against infections and bacteria. 20 ml, Pocket Size, 225 doses
3.75 EUR / item
Discount! 5.00 EUR
2 - 3 days


Antiperspirant. An effective anti-sweat remedy for all skin types. 50.ml. (Roll-On)
20.00 EUR / item
2 - 3 days


Antiperspirant for men. Contains perfume. 50.ml. (Roll-On)
20 EUR / item
1-2 days (No alcohol)

DRYDRY Sensitive

Antiperspirant. Specially for sensitive, allergic and vulnerable skin. Does not contain alcohol! 50.ml. (Roll-On)
20.00 EUR / item
Contains menthol

DRYDRY Foot Spray

Antiperspirant for the feet. It has a long antimicrobial, cooling and refreshing effect. Eliminates unpleasant odors. 100.ml. (Spray)
Out of stock. Contact us , for more information about DRYDRY Foot Spray.
22.00 EUR / item


Deodorant for all skin types. Contains Silver and Aloe Vera Ions. 50.ml. (Roll-On)
20 EUR / item
Especially for teens!


Deodorant. Perfumed deodorant for teenagers. Technology by Dr. Straetmans. 50.ml. (Roll-On)
20.00 EUR / item
Dermosoft Decalact & Dr.Straetmans.


Deodorant for all parts of the body. It has antibacterial, cooling and refreshing effects. Contains sage oil (Salvia Officinalis Oil). 50.ml. (Spray)
20 EUR / item
For cosmetic use.


Cream based on Aloe Vera and Green Tea. Moisturizes, eliminates itching and inflammation, has a healing effect. Stimulates the healing process. Recommended to combine with DRYDRY products. 100.ml. (Tube)
15.00 EUR / item

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